Motion Graphics

Make Your Content Informative AND Entertaining With Our Motion Graphics Service in Chattanooga, TN

We know your goal is to attract eyeballs and produce quality content not only for clicks but also to inform people about your operations and products. Our team in Chattanooga, TN, can make your explainer videos more memorable through our motion graphics service. These are some benefits:


  • It can be shared easily
  • Say more with less content
  • It is easy to understand
  • It can be filled with your brand’s identity
Play Video about CBL Mall Back to School min

CBL Mall “Back to School”

Let Us Help You Produce Content that Appeals to Your Target Audience

With motion-graphics style, we tell your story without ever picking up a camera. 


Our motion graphics designer creates concise and compelling videos using illustrations, icons, and dynamic text.  Not only are they fun and easy to watch, motion graphics videos cut through the clutter and break it down to the basics, resulting in the viewer retaining information 

Communicate Effectively, Efficiently, and most important, Memorably

Our team in Chattanooga, TN breaks your message down to the basics to create memorable motion graphics.  These videos don’t just happen:  we take our time to plan and develop the appropriate script and visuals to tell your story.

RanDesign Media Services guarantees that every project will exceed your expectations.


We have the technical expertise and the marketing know-how to create concise, compelling, and easy-to-watch videos. Learn more about our Media Process

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