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Video Production Services

Does your multi-media project call for a unique voice, one with a resonant tone and meaningful inflection? Or perhaps you need an everyman type of voice, with a bit of character thrown in.

Hi, I’m Randy Liner, the “Rand” in RanDesign Media. I discovered media when I was offered a Saturday morning DJ slot on AFN – that’s Armed Forces Radio – in Wurzburg, Germany in 1982. That was in High School, but I never forgot the temporary dose of fame it bought me.

Though my career path found me working behind the scenes in video and TV, those early lessons from radio professionals stayed with me. Every employer I’ve had has paid me extra to record voiceovers.

Until now, I’ve used my voice exclusively for my own projects. Now, I’m making my talent available to other producers and directors. Click here for a sample of my work. I know that my voice isn’t suited for all projects, but it has served me well over the years, and I hope you’ll find a use for it as well.

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