Need an effective marketing strategy? Our Video Editing Services in Chattanooga, TN can get you there!

Trends are always changing, and business owners continue to look for ways to adapt and make their marketing strategies effective. Fresh videos will help your company stand out!  That said, even the best concept doesn’t guarantee success – you must have proper execution. 


Having a firm grasp of the big picture while retaining attention to detail will give your story the punch it needs.  Our experienced team in Chattanooga, TN, has over thirty years of experience cutting clips together and obtaining fantastic results.

Transforming Raw Footage

Have you “inherited” a video or a marketing project and didn’t know what to do with the raw footage? Or perhaps you want to put together family films to create a legacy video. 

Having the footage in hand means that the job is already halfway done, and at RanDesign Media Services, we can help you complete your concept!

You can count on us to transform your clips into marketable products that can be adapted to any type of platform, including social media!  Rest assured – we pay extra attention to follow your vision throughout the entire process.

Informational Art

Video editing is a subjective art form.  That’s why we ask a lot of questions going in – to learn about you, your business, your likes and dislikes.  Then we take that information and shape your message in a way that is both pleasing to you, and memorable for the viewer.  


At RanDesign Media Services, we transform raw footage into commercials, promo videos, social media posts, family videos, and more! 


Our team in Chattanooga, TN, uses the latest editing software to help you achieve your objectives. Learn more about our Media Process today!)  

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