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My interest in media began as a junior in high school. An army brat, I was living in Germany when the radio division of American Forces Radio offered a work/study program for students. I auditioned and was accepted into the program. I learned to edit audiotape, operate the soundboard, and pre-record a 1-hour music show on Saturday mornings.


After starting at UT-Chattanooga in 1983, I sought a similar program and eventually found employment at a local independent TV station, ultimately learning the basics of broadcasting. In 1986, I earned my FCC permit and have worked continuously in the video production and broadcasting industry since.

This small, family-owned station eventually became a full-fledged Fox affiliate. I was fortunate enough to be involved in promotions and production during the transition, my skills, and abilities growing along with the network.


After 6 years, I left to join the creative team of a local ad-agency-style production house. This is where my talents were sharpened by fellow creatives and higher-end clients, as well as the advent of new technologies. At the start of my career, I had learned to be an adept technician, I was finding the creative aspect of video more appealing than ever.


In 1997, the production department at the local ABC affiliate had a rare job opening, which I vigorously pursued. After 10 years at NewsChannel 9, I followed the creative road back into the ad agency business, this time one which specialized in high-end condos throughout the southeast U.S. A great opportunity, but bad timing–the mortgage market collapsed and after 1 year, I was out of a job.


With no one hiring, I geared up to get back in the game, this time working for myself. Now, I’ve had my own business for 12 years, longer than I’ve worked anywhere else. As owner and lead creative, I have the opportunity to buy the exact equipment that will be the absolute best for what I do. Through word of mouth, I have built a solid business with a wide range of gear and a fully equipped studio.

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Meet the Owner

Play Video about Introducing RanDesign Media • Chattanooga TN 1

Introducing RanDesign Media • Chattanooga, TN

Play Video about Sales Promotional • RanDesign Media • Chattanooga TN 1

Sales & Promotional • RanDesign Media • Chattanooga, TN

If you’re not using video on your social media pages, you’re missing out on the most engaging part of marketing! With video, people can like they feel like they know you and get pumped up about your product or service. RanDesign Media Services can craft a visual masterpiece that perfectly conveys your message.

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Training Videos • RanDesign Media • Chattanooga, TN

Trade shows are a time to shine – people will drop in for swag, but they’ll stay to watch a dynamic, engaging video. Have you invented a new machine? Or are you just tired of giving the same instructions over and over? Save time. Save money. Save your voice with a training or marketing video by RanDesign Media Services. 

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TV Ads • RanDesign Media • Chattanooga, TN

If you’re an advertiser, you know the value of effective and creative TV commercials. If you catch people’s attention, they’re more likely to walk in your door or check out your website. Whether you want a straightforward price and item ad or a motion graphics commercial with RanDesign Media, it will be done with creativity and style.

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Churches • RanDesign Media • Chattanooga, TN

Let’s say it’s time to build. Or raise money for missions. Or make a TV commercial to invite people to a special service or event. RanDesign Services has experience working with churches and business owners to achieve their production goals.  Crafting a perfect piece that summarizes your message isn’t always easy. But we are here for you.

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Studio • RanDesign Media • Chattanooga, TN

We have experience filming on-location, in retail outlets, people’s homes, and even hanging out of the back of moving trucks. But for projects that required a studio setting, we decided to build a fully equipped studio to start any production.

We Promise ...

Our goal is to get it right the first time. That doesn’t just happen. We ask the right questions. Go through the right process. And request approval every step of the way. But it always starts by not just talking, but by listening to what the client has to say.

But if their paycheck is late, they’re the first to complain, right? AtRanDesign Media Services, we pride ourselves on being prompt, efficient, and professional. Our goal is to put together a production that everyone is pleased with. After all, we’re not just chasing a paycheck; we want to earn your respect. This could come in the form of telling a friend about your experience, or even better, giving RanDesign Media a 5-star review.  

Yes, we’ve done work for hundreds of clients, creating thousands of videos, so we’ve probably studied your industry at some point. But we recognize that your business is unique, and we take the time to make sure potential customers know just how unique.     

We use specific processes to move efficiently through the complex maze of creating an effective video. But we also recognize that we are not always right. As much as we strive to see things through our clients’ eyes – and the eyes of their customers – marketing and advertising is a subjective industry. There are times that we need a course correction. If you’re willing to point something out, we are willing to listen – and make changes as needed.  

Their profit margin on certain items, how much sales increased last month (to the penny,) how they are dealing with new health insurance regulations… Those are just a few of the topics that come up when discussing a new advertising campaign. We have the rare opportunity to go “under the hood” of you AND your direct competitor, so all conversations are kept in the strictest confidence. 

We are not talking about a child’s “pinky-swear” type of promise; We are referring to a “you have my word” promise. It’s happened to us, too. That’s why we make a point of setting realistic goals, achievable milestones, and reasonable deadlines. Are there times when RanDesignMedia Services is brought into the project late, and we have to play catch-up? Absolutely, and that’s OK too. We’ve learned that it pays to be nimble – literally.  

You’ve got a product to move or services to provide, and you need to get the word out. If the budget doesn’t make sense, the whole thing crumbles. You’ll find that RanDesign Media Services is not the most expensive in the area, but it’s certainly not the cheapest. You’ll also know what you’re paying because it’s right there in the Creative Brief and Quote. That’s a good feeling, isn’t it?  Quality product at an affordable price. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

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