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Starting a video production project is exciting. It involves a lot of creativity and hours of brainstorming as well as extensive research. The most interesting part is that all of that needs to be done before even thinking about taking the camera. Mistakes can be costly, and at RanDesign Media Services, we go above and beyond to deliver results on time and within budget. If you are in the Fort Payne, AL area, give us a call!

Creativity At Its Full Potential

Creating concepts and writing scripts is our specialty! Our video studio is fully equipped to help you achieve your goals. You can also get our video editing or voice recording services to boost your productions! At RanDesign Media Services, we also have extensive experience working with motion graphics to give your business a simple method to communicate complex messages. Find out more about the benefits of working with us today.

Increase Visibility and Awareness

We are a video production company with more than three decades of experience in the industry. Our extensive background in marketing and production turns the production process into an enriching experience. Use innovative ideas to promote your business in Fort Payne, AL, with our assistance. 

With a rich history based on flooring, Dalton, Georgia is known as the “Carpet Capital of the world. ”More than 90% of carpeting worldwide is produced in the Dalton area. Now, with hard surfaces dominating the home building industry, Dalton has responded by building new factories and retooling the old. Here at RanDesign Media, we’ve produced dozens of company videos for Dalton-based mills, and we’re ready to put our skills to work for you.

For corporate videos, we dig deep to determine your absolute best strengths. For advertising and social media, we look for the best angles and drive them home with creative video marketing that gets results. The best part about working with RanDesignMedia is that we are a local video production company, with a strong presence in Chattanooga and a studio in Ringgold, GA. We’re responsive to your needs, and every production is tailored to your company – no cookie-cutter videos here. So for affordable video marketing, you can count on, connect with RanDesign Media.

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