The RanDesign Media Process

Your Marketing, Our Mission

If you’ve researched what goes into creating a professional video for your business, you know that it doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of work and time. Most importantly, only the right media partner can bring all the elements together.

RanDesign Media Services gets your message to the masses. We are creative, reliable, and experienced in delivering effective messages. Thanks to our excellent customer service, we can perfectly align with your objectives. 


Let’s walk through the steps on the path from concept to completion!


This is the part where we ask questions and listen to what you say.

We get to know you, your business, and what you want to accomplish with your video project. We’ll discuss all facets of the production, after which you will receive an accurate written quote.

Upon approval of the budget, the fun begins!

We’ll start brainstorming, kicking around ideas, developing your video’s style and content to finally incorporate everything into a video script. It’ll show what the announcer will be saying, as well as a description of the visuals. At this point, we’ll discuss logistics, timelines, and deadlines.


The production phase is all about filming. Whether in the studio or the field, this is where all of our pre-production planning pays off.

The video crew is first on the scene-setting up lights and cameras, reviewing the shot sheet, sprucing up the location – an active and potentially stressful time.

As we get each shot, it is checked off on the script. Sometimes we are on-location for a couple of hours, and sometimes for an entire day.

We know that our presence can be intrusive, but we strive to be efficient and respectful of everyone on and off-set.


This is where we composite the raw footage with graphics, voiceovers, music, and other elements. Sometimes stock images are used; other times, we create custom motion graphics to help propel the narrative. The final touch is called color correction. That’s where we take footage that looks good and makes it look great, fine-tuning the color and clarity.

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